Students learn best, in my experience, when they find the material relevant and engaging, and when they participate in generating their own knowledge. Sociology is in the doing. As an instructor, I tie lived experience, current events, and active learning to course material whenever possible, and to do so, I combine lecture, small and large group discussion, games, online media, writing assignments, and strategic use of course management software in a way that is meaningful and memorable. In the classroom, my role is only partly “expert” and “evaluator;” I am also a facilitator. This approach means that I allow students to teach me as well—about their lives, their culture, and so on. This practice has proven effective at bridging gaps created by differences in age, marginalized statuses, and experience. In my classroom, learning can be “messy” and spontaneous, where students are encouraged to live with discomfort while maintaining an environment of respect for themselves and others.

Teaching Experience

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