Helping undergraduates be more successful at academic writing

As an English teacher, I spent years helping undergraduates improve their writing skills. As a sociology teacher, I have seen the differences in education and college preparation between college students. It’s important to me to “pull back the curtain,” so to speak, on academic writing, so that understanding how to write well, at the college level, is not limited to undergraduates whose high school education was able to provide this training.

I’ve started a new blog, called Undergraduates Write!, aimed at making academic writing expectations understandable to a wide range of students with a wide range of academic experience.

My goal is 1 post per week, beginning in January. It’s a fledgling blog right now, but I hope that as it grows it will become useful for a lot of students. Please follow, like, and share if you agree.

My most recent post explains how to read an assignment sheet and rubric. Check it out here.

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